This was part of my yard, three years ago. The grass was scruffy, the weeds were taking over the world.

Something had to be done.

Enter my hero, Mark, and his Band of Merry Men, with bob cats, dump trucks, mulch and muscles.

Grass gone, mud left!


Mulch applied, pebble path laid

The transformation was beginning.

First of 75 trees and shrubs planted

They looked so tiny!

A year ago

But, things grow quickly in the tropics.

Last year


And now, I’ll have to call Mark to trim the trees back, they’re crowding the driveway.


Some of them are bird and butterfly magnets .. lovely.

Thank you, my hard working hero!



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15 responses to “Metamorphosis

  1. You would be in heaven with the way plants grow here, Lynda!


  2. lynda

    Wow, fantastic transformation Yvonne….

    I love the colors of your house and the flowering shrubs – it makes your home look “happy”.


  3. They’ll be lovely enhancements for your deck! Buongiorno, Lili.


  4. Michelle

    Just gorgeous my dear. So lush…and of course “tropical”.
    My mother always killed plants. Luckily I inherited some of my father’s plant savvy. But they do tend to survive on benign neglect.
    I’m looking forward to spring and my trip to the garden center for flowers for the pots on my deck.
    I do have a lovely potted azealia in bloom in my living room and a tiny rosebush they were selling for Valentine’s Day at Trader Joe’s yesterday. I’ll see if I can keep that one alive long enough to plant it outdoors…in a larger pot.


  5. Same here, Maxine, dreaded brown thumbs. If you lived here, you could hire The Hero!


  6. I have a brown thumb. The only flowers that I grow with killing them are in my quilts. But I love flowers and plants. I always felt if I won the lottery I would like to have a gardener


  7. It’s amazing what few plants can do….Your place looks beautiful….


  8. Hero

    I forgot how it looked before we started. Thank you for your kind words


  9. OK, Louise. I’ll do a before/after post of the back wall. Yay, thanks for the idea.

    How are my cats? Oh, and how are you 2?? 🙂


  10. Louise

    Your place is so lovely Yvonne!! Why didn’t you bring your paint brush to Melbourne with you? And how about sharing some of the Mondrian wall with us? Please?


  11. Again, I had forgotten how drab it looked before. How’s the knitting? 🙂


  12. AliDa

    And your house looks gorgeous!


  13. I tend to forget how forlorn it looked before my hero got to work!


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