Sheer indulgence

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now 29 days until I leave for the magical city of Venice.

Allow me to present some images of the faces of the people, not only of Venice, but of the rest of Italy. They are one of the reasons that country is special to so many of us.



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12 responses to “Sheer indulgence

  1. Hello, Hello World!
    Our mutual blogger friend Bert referred me to your blog…seems there are quite a few of us in love with Venezia! My name is Marie, I’m an American expat and I’ve lived in the Venetian countryside for more than 20 years. Take a look at my blog, you might see some familiar things there.
    Have a safe, enjoyable trip to Venezia. Coming for Carnevale are you?


  2. Hi, Annie. I sure will be posting while I’m over there. And, I’ll be checking out some of your interesting finds. Ciao!


  3. This is a wonderful collection. And 29 days?! That’s exciting! Are you going to blog while you’re there?


  4. Darlene

    Love the pics. Like the one of you and your handsome young friend the best.


    • Huh! I had replied to you, Darlene, but maybe I didn’t push the Post button. That fellow is Mario, husband of Katina .. see her remark up higher! I like the young bloke in the hat, he had just graduated and they have crazy fun on that day!


  5. I was thinking about you when I typed 29! We’ll soon be thinking of what to pack. Wonder how the weather will be this time?


  6. Me too! 1 month from today I leave for Verona…..That’s 28 days. woohooo
    Then 4 days until we meet again…..


  7. Thanks, gorgeous! Francesco and Mo are also in that picture, but they got cropped somehow. Have you bought that lottery ticket? The kids would have a great time in HK without the oldies!

    What’s on the menu tonight?

    Baci e abbracci xxoo


  8. Katina Janakis

    29 dayssssssss!!!! woooo hooooo!!!!
    Ahhhhh Yvana!!! I feel and share your excitement! So happy for you:-))))
    Love you photos, and your special people and memories… I recognise a few faces and my Marioooooo is there….

    Baci e abbracci xxxx


  9. Double woot, Shell! And, the minimal prospect of seeing Johnnnnny has given me such motivation. Now, that would be a great face to capture, right? Sigh.


  10. Woot! I still can’t believe it’s down to 29 days. I’m so excited for you!


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