Cyclone Yasi is coming

People are taking this cyclone alert very seriously.

The hospital in Cairns is being evacuated, with patients sent down to Brisbane.

People in coastal areas are being told to get out, and to do it sooner, not later.

Flights out of Cairns, Townsville and Mackay are full, so there’s no hope of getting away by that method.

Up here in the Tablelands, memories of Cyclone Larry (2006) are strong in our memories, and we’re heeding the advice given by Government authorities.

Here are a few images from not so sunny, downtown Atherton, the day before the expected land fall of Cyclone Yasi.

Taping shop windows

More tape needed

Not one loaf of bread on the shelves

No large containers of water to be found

Nor any baked beans!

Here is a link to the tracking map for this cyclone :

PS You’d be quite proud of me, my pantry has stuff to eat in it!



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13 responses to “Cyclone Yasi is coming

  1. Katina Janakis

    How frightening Yvonne!! So happy you are safe, and your home survived Yasi!! Reading about your ordeal made me realise how intense the whole situation is, and unless you go through something so terrifying you just don’t understand… Your preparation pre cyclone was amazing, you were totally prepared!
    Now the rebuild starts for so many, and its so sad watching men in tears talk about their loss, but so grateful for their families lives.
    So glad its over… So happy your safe xxx


  2. It’s such a relief to hear from you, Yvonne! Sleep tight and take good care.


  3. Hi, folks!

    The power came back on awhile back, so that’s great.

    The communities further south bore the brunt of this monster, so many homes destroyed, crops gone, and so on. Only one death so far; a young bloke who had his generator running in an enclosed room.

    Will say more later. Baci, e abbracci!


  4. Louise

    For Yvonnes followers, reports are that many areas are without power ” the major Tablelands centres of Atherton and Mareeba suffered relatively minor damage ……However, the Tablelands did not escape completely unscathed, as thousands of homes remained without power last night” – Courier Mail, Queensland.
    Trusting you are ok Yvonne and have food!


  5. Yvonne, I haven’t heard anything on the Tablelands on the news tonight since I’ve been home, so I’m taking that as a positive sign. Yasi has even inspired me to figure out how to search for tweets on a particular subject, but nothing clear there either. I’m guessing you might be without power? I hope everything’s ok. Sending big bacis your way, bella.


  6. Louise

    How are you going Yvonne? We think you might be without power… are you ok? Cairns missed the largest brunt thank goodness… How are you?


  7. There’s really nowhere to go, Lynda. This will have its reach far inland. There are no empty seats on planes leaving Cairns. At least we’re getting warning and have some idea what’s coming.


  8. Lynda

    If I were you, I’d be gone by now……you’re only 1.5 hr away from the coast (Cairns). I hope you and your neighbours have banded together with an emergency plan. Keep safe!!


  9. Maxine

    be safe…that is so scary.


  10. People are really taking it seriously, not like Cyclone Larry, when everyone said “Nah. We’re safe up here in the Tablelands”. Those poor folks down on the coast, they have to face it all again, and it sounds like it’s going to a whopper.


  11. Stay safe, Yvonne. keep us posted, when you can!


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