How do you toilet train a gecko?

Every night, they waken me with their weird sounds.

Every morning I find evidence of their nocturnal presence on my carpet, paintings and furniture.

Exhibit A:  gecko, um, poop, on my lounge suite:

It's always this 2 tone style, kinda cute!

So, I got to thinking. Maybe I can build them a nice little litter box to use, sort of like you train cats.

Then, I wondered about rewards for when they do the right thing.

I consulted with Alida (you remember her, “I’m almost a lawyer”. Works for Blood Out of a Stone and Associates).

She suggested shiny ear-rings and cell phones:  “Geckos like them” said Alida Attenborough.

So, here’s the litter box.

Patent pending: gecko litter box

Now, I’m off to buy some glittering ear rings and a cell phone. Hope this works.


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4 responses to “How do you toilet train a gecko?

  1. Petonis

    Maybe these geckos do not understand English, use sign language!!!!


  2. This is serious stuff, Maxine!

    Hey, someone clicked on the link to your blog, and Sheila’s, from my blog. We’re spreading the word, woman!


  3. Maxine

    OMG you are too funny


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