Day dreams

It’s not all that much longer until I return to Venice for an extended visit.

Let me share with you some of the things I love about that city.


After the snow

In the Ghetto

Good food, but this was in Verona

Colours galore on Burano

Heavy smokers!

No bridge? Take a traghetto

Visit Lido. Stick your toes into the Adriatic.

Meet friends


I wish you could be tucked into my suitcase!



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16 responses to “Day dreams

  1. Wonderful collection of images!


  2. What sort of cichetti did you make!?
    How our my cats? Are they talking to you now? 🙂


  3. Louise

    And thrilled for you that the days are slipping away 🙂


  4. Louise

    Whilst still in a state of recovery ……….
    Still waking up dreaming about ‘my campanile’…….
    Getting on with things as best we can……..
    Cichetti for dinner………
    Making our own marscapone…….!!! (why would you do that?)
    Planning the next trip…….
    I’m not sure if your Venice shots are helpful Yvonne 🙂 – but lovely all the same. In this passion, I guess, we know we’re not alone……


  5. Alida

    When you said ‘tucked into my suitcase’, you meant me right?


  6. Seeing the pictures reminds me of days long ago when I’d be paging through “the wish book”…..that’s what we’d called the Sears catalog that came out before Christmas. Now I look at “wish pictures”!!! They’re terrific, Yvonne!


  7. Darlene

    I only spent a few days there, but fell in love with Venice. Usually one visit to any place is enough, but Venice is one of two places I’d go back to. The other? Safari in the Masi Mara, Kenya.


  8. Maxine

    Time does drag while you wait to go. And then has the nerve to go by in a Nano second….so unfair…LOL…


  9. Doesn’t time drag while we’re waiting? Well, those spritz will taste all the better. I’m waiting for my copy of Secret Venice to arrive. That should fan those embers, eh?


  10. Barb

    I wish I could be tucked into your suitcase, too! Then I’d be there quicker than 16 April! The photos were great….wonderful reminders of why no matter where I travel, no place makes me smile like Venice.


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