I can’t think of a good title for this one!

On Monday, a nice friend: let’s call him Tom (not his real name, which has been changed to avoid a legal suit), picked me up at Cairns airport to drive me back home to sunny, down-town Atherton. This was really good, because taking the bus back to Atherton would entail a wait of about one and a half hours, and would get me back to Atherton too late to shop for groceries. Those who know me will appreciate that my pantry and fridge run dangerously close to empty at the best of times!

So, off we went, up the steep, curving Kuranda Range road. Soon, we both smelled something HOT, and then Tom very calmly (true) said he’d have to pull over. This is not easy on that narrow road, but my hero found a spot to do so.

By now, steam is appearing from beneath the bonnet (hood to you North Americans). Being a couple of bright sparks, Tom and I had a good feel for what might be the problem. Oh, and the thermostat gauge was in the red zone, and beeping at us. Another clue.

Carefully, Tom took off the radiator cap, and with the motor running, slowly poured what water he did have, into the radiator. “Not enough”, he cried!

Hot stuff

The precious water. But, what a pretty view: look "Tom", look!!

So, a call to the RACQ Road Rescue mob, and we waited for our hero to arrive.

Hello, Houston. We have a problem.

I had a big (hollow) laugh, as the bus to Atherton passed us as we sat around.

OK, long story short, the bloke arrived, filled up the radiator, and then told us we had to wait at least another hour, to let all the hot spots in the engine cool down. Finally, we got under way, with that darn temperature gauge wandering up and down. It was quite late when I was finally delivered to #68.

Through some good planning (oh, OK, dumb luck), I had a can of baked beans in the pantry. Just what I needed!

PS  Luckily, there was no damage to the good Samaritan’s car.



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6 responses to “I can’t think of a good title for this one!

  1. Barb

    Perhaps this comment is best for your friend, Tom…”No good deed goes unpunished!”


  2. Now, that would make a great title, AliDa.

    Oh, and ‘yes’ and ‘yes’. Tom might now be a former friend, I don’t know!


  3. Alida

    I can’t come up with a brilliant title for your blog at the moment but, isn’t it great you have good friends (and good road service) to take care of you!


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