It’s all happening at the zoo …


Yesterday was a good day to visit the Melbourne Zoo, cool, but sunny.

 The tram system here works a treat, and with one easy connection, I arrived at my destination.

 There were lots of family groups there, with the whole age range represented.

 The zoo grounds are well set out, but I’m a map challenged person, so didn’t find the complimentary offering of much use. My son helpfully sent me an SMS to say “Don’t worry, when it’s closing time, they let the lions out. You’ll soon find a way out.” I used to think he was quite a nice young man.

 Like most of the zoo-goers, I was charmed by the antics of the primates. Looking around, all I could see were smiling faces; how wonderful!

 Here is a tiny taste of some of these cheeky critters.


 And, here is the alpha male of the gorilla clan. I’m not mucking around with this big fellow.


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5 responses to “It’s all happening at the zoo …

  1. Have fun! I’ve heard that is just a splendid zoo. 🙂


  2. I’m going to the San Diego zoo this weekend and looking forward to the monkeys 🙂


  3. Maxine, it’s such a treat to have cool weather. He is a huge fellow, but the handlers said he is very gentle. I’ll happily take their word for it.

    Dalene, I thought of you when I watched the zebras and elephants. (Not that you’re stripey or have big toenails!) What I mean is, it must be wonderful to see these creatures in their native habitat. Kind of like seeing our koalas and kangaroos in your zoos. And, wasn’t Kirk a big help?

    Give Little G a kiss from me, and a big pat to Sally.


  4. Darlene

    The only thing I didn’t like on my safari were the baboons so I don’t think I’d like the primates section of the zoo at all. The circus is in town and the owners truck the animals in cages on trucks up and down the street to attreact attention. Gabriella is in awe and Sally cowers. The animals look relatively well cared for, but still… would much rather see them in the wild.


  5. He looks like King Kong (from the movie)…..Scared me as a kid. He still scares me……glad to hear you some nice weather and enjoyed your day out….


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