Here is the grass.


Here is the mower.


Where is the motive power?

 I think this might be her shadow.


She does not need petrol, nor oil. She runs on pasta and red wine.

(This mower is amazingly light and easy to use, by the way.)



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13 responses to “Untitled

  1. SIL

    Cela a mis un sourire sur mon visage! But I can’t wait until you’re blogging from Venice!


  2. Barb

    I think the photos of the green grass, the lawn-mower (both tool and shadow) look wonderful. Of course, I am looking out my windows at 24″ of cold white frozen snow…….with more to come this week! I’m yearning for


  3. Hi, Louise! Acrylic paints do such a good job! The front is still a tad patchy; Fletch said “Don’t look at me!”

    Maxine, your dad would be amazed at how light and efficient they are these days.


  4. Wow I haven’t seen one of those in many a moon…LOL My father had one when we lived in the Bronx…


  5. Louise

    Grass smarsh! (how have you kept it so green Vonnes?) Don’t worry about the edges!!!! and get Fletch onto it…..


  6. AliDa

    crazy idea…..place the mower on the grass and push. who knows, it’s just might work.


  7. Thank you, Jude. And, I do miss yours. You’d better go on another trip!


  8. Yvonne, I really do enjoy your blog! Thanks.


  9. And, the clue about pasta and red wine might have been a give away, eh?


  10. Darlene

    Hum, that shadow looks suspiciously like you!


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