I never knew

Today I heard where the term “nanny goat” came from.

Many moons ago, when the wealthy ladies gave birth, they would not stoop to breast feed their offspring. So, a wet nurse was employed. As you know, this would be a woman of a lower class who had recently given birth, and was thus lactating.

I had wondered what implication this had for her own babe, assuming it had survived.

It transpires that, often, the poor folks would use goat’s milk to feed their babies, when the true mother wasn’t there to feed them.

So, there you go, the nanny goat was the one who filled this need.

Now I wonder what the bottles they used were like.




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3 responses to “I never knew

  1. Continually an excellent article once i visit this website as well as other blogging you own. Value ones insights.


  2. You probably don’t remember the things we gave you!!!


  3. Darlene

    Mom said your mother needed a wet nurse. And she said nipples were made by cutting the finger off a glove and using that. She also said mothers wrapped sugar in a bit of cheese cloth, tied it with a string and gave it to babies to quiet them. Then there were the shots of whiskey,


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