When we first moved to Australia, ‘way back in 1966, one of the decorating fads was “flying ducks”. We’d see them in the homes of our friends, but we never did buy any for our place.

 They were always in a group of 3, flying up toward the ceiling. Usually, the smallest duck led the group, sometimes it was the largest one. Gradually, they became thought of as “kitsch”, and were packed away, or donated to the nearest Op Shop. Later, of course, they became  sought after, and commanded a high price from avid collectors.

I hadn’t seen nor thought of these feathered ornaments for ages, but when I arrived at the home of the folks I was to house sit for, my eyes were drawn to this trio, over the front door.

This closeup will give you an idea of the artistic workmanship used for these pottery treasures.

Works of art? Kitsch? I’ll let you decide.

This link will take you to many images of these once beloved Australian “icons”.




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2 responses to “Duck!

  1. Cool!! So, there’s an upsurge in Canada, it seems.


  2. Darlene

    I remember seeing these in some people’s homes when I was a kid and in fact I’ve seen a fair number in homes of friend’s in Comox, especially those on acerages and those who hunt.


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