Italian influence

I saw this attractive floor in the foyer of an old apartment building.


And, here is your Saturday  ‘groaner’:

A guy walks into a bar with a lizard on his shoulder. The bartender asks him, “What do you call that thing?” The man says, “I call him ‘Tiny’, ’cause he’s my newt.”


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9 responses to “Italian influence

  1. I thought I was the only one who liked floors ?


  2. Bert, are you out of your flippin’ mind!? 🙂 I’ll never get to sleep after that “simple” explanantion.


  3. Bert, thank you. I’ll sleep well tonight with that elusive knowledge tucked away in what I laughingly call a brain. 😉

    Mathematics is everywhere!


  4. Albert Hickson

    I read somewhere (in connection with the Alhambra) that there are just 17 ways of tiling regular shapes. here’s a link that may help to explain:

    Do you feel better for knowing that? 🙂


  5. It’s a plot by the Aussies, to confuse the whole Northern Hemisphere!


  6. wow I just notice that the time stamp on comments are yours (aus) not here (us) this is so weird


  7. beautiful floor…I have postcards of the floors at S. Marco and a book of floors of Venice and every time i go to Italy i take more pictures of floors..


  8. They sure would make lovely quilt designs. We can commission Maxine for one of her works of art, perhaps.

    Maybe you’ll have time to look at the floor mosaics in Santi Maria e Donato (Murano), and Santa Maria Assunta (Torcello). But, you may have already seen those.

    [67 days] 🙂


  9. Barb

    That’s a beautiful design, very similar to one of my favorites in St. Mark’s Basilica. Someday I’d like to go through St. Mark’s and photograph all the different designs in the floor. They always look like they would make beautiful quilt patterns (not that I know how to sew).


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