When a bargain isn’t ….

My absolute favourite berry is the raspberry.

I call still recall the smell and taste of wild raspberries, warm off the bush, on the farm where I grew up. The juice would stain the fingers,  and clothes too, if you weren’t careful.

Raspberries still smell and taste as they did all those years ago. Other berries and fruits can disappoint, picked too early, chemicals used to preserve, yadda-yadda!

Trouble is, raspberries cost $5 per 125 gram punnet, that’s not a lot of raspberry for your money.

So, I was happy to notice that one of the stalls at the local market was offering 2 punnets for $5, that was more like it!

I trotted home with my purchase, and enjoyed one punnet for ‘afters’ in the evening.

This morning, I was looking forward to some of those luscious little suckers on my muesli and yoghurt. What a bitter disappointment to find that this punnet was full of mouldy berries. My face fell, let me tell you.



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10 responses to “When a bargain isn’t ….

  1. Tell Cate to pack her little suitcase and fly to Cairns. I’ll pick her up in Cedric, the Sissy Car. We’ll find all the good raspberries, and eat, and eat, and eat! Then, I’ll take her to Venice. Does she like pasta???


  2. awww man I would be burned up, especially when you get a taste for something that’s a treat,

    Cate lovessss rasberries.


  3. 🙂 That’s for sure, Lou.


  4. Louise

    I guess you really got blown the raspberry Tabs !! 🙂


  5. Darlene

    Raspberries are my favorite too. I’m sure it’s because, as a child, I picked and ate them off the vine on my parent’s farm. I don’t need to close my eyes to travel back in time. The mere word raspberry takes me there.


  6. Alida

    what a lousy day you had…..


  7. It’s just not fair!


  8. Sheila Bosch

    Sigh, I totally understand. I can place a perfectly beautiful little basket of berries in my shopping cart, and by the time i get home, some of the berries sport that fuzzy white coat.


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