My wish for you


May the new year be as beautiful as this blossom.



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10 responses to “My wish for you

  1. What a beautiful blossom. A very happy new year to you too!


  2. I do believe that is the Valencia. They’ve all been very beautiful, hope they’ll keep blooming for a few more weeks.

    Did you see in the New Year at San Marco? I didn’t spot you in the throng on the web cam. Abbracci.


  3. Louise

    Happy New Year to you Yvonne!

    Hey, Yvonne. Which rose is that? You’d know them better than I would! haha

    There are particular parts of 2011 which will be particularly good… like um… March?

    hugs L


  4. alida

    Thanks honey! Happy New Year to you too.


    • Phew! it’s about 40 degrees, hot northerly wind blowing. It reminds me of when Matt was here, and we showed him both floods and fire!

      Good photos of you, courtesy of TB, by the way. xx


  5. It’s now the last day of 2010 Down Under. Here’s to exciting news early in 2011 for you, Maxine.


  6. That’s beautiful…Thank you…


  7. Thanks Rosebud! Uffa .. 40 degrees forecast for domani. The bonsai is in the house already. It must not die.


  8. That’s a beautiful wish, petal. Hip hip hooray!


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