An unexpected sequel

Back in October, I wrote a bit about the local Catholic church in Atherton.

Today, I had a message from a friend up there, and she had a little follow on comment for me:

” On Christmas day I went to mass and joined the choir singing Carols and other holy hymns, singing always make me feel better. Also I love looking at the stained glass windows, the statues and paintings.

A swallow has taken residence on a ceiling beam of the church, it sings most sweetly when the priest is saying his homily from the pulpit!  Then it swoops down above the congregation and flies out the window, only to fly in through the doors shortly afterwards.”

So, that must be the bird mentioned in the last photo of my October post. Thank you, Luciana!

(I wouldn’t mind coming back as a swallow, they’re such lovely birds. What would you like to come as?)



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2 responses to “An unexpected sequel

  1. Sort of like Nemo, maybe?


  2. Barb

    Because my very favorite place to unwind and relax has always been a very hot bath, I think I would like to be a colorful tropical fish….but a very small one that could hide among the rocks and seashells so that other bigger, hungry sea critters could not find me! 🙂


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