Lots in the news about the wintry conditions in the Northern hemisphere, with the cold weather and snow snarling life for many people. Trains, planes and automobiles are not getting their way; they’re having to bow to the superiority of that white stuff.

Hah! It’s summer in Australia, right? (Summer begins on December 1, by the way.) Yes, and it’s time to romp on the beaches, right? And celebrate Christmas with at least 30 degree (Celsius) temperatures, right?

Wrong, at least down here in Victoria. I awoke to the following news on the radio “Light falls of SNOW (!) have been reported at Mt Buller” This is one of the ski areas of Victoria, about 3 hours drive from Melbourne. But, this is NOT the ski season.

 Makes me glad I made this cozy, down filled  purchase yesterday.



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5 responses to “Brrrr

  1. I hope Anna’s sister can finally get onto a plane to be with Anna. So many folks affected, eh?

    I chose the …. bowl, never mind, it’s my greedy little secret! 🙂


  2. yep red does you justice, always loved you in that red coat, down I LOVE, I never keep heat but down helps me, now this will come in handy for Venice too ! I feel so bad for my Italian employee Anna, her sister is due to fly tonight from Genoa where they live in Italy to the US to be with her for Christmas, so many aiports shutdown, I hope that tonight she’s on a plane, poor Anna had tears, last time she had a visitor coming from Europe it was the ash problem and they couldn’t get in. wow, Dec 1st first day of summer? that’s my kind of December. I need to do what Katina said and chase summer. We get along just fine.

    I’d go for the whopper bowl. 🙂


  3. I could feel quite comfy in that Wyoming/Connecticut jacket today!

    One of the cats just hopped on my lap, to help me, as they do. Her feet are SO cold! Tell you what, I’m happy to be down here .. frightfully hot and humid up in Queensland. Baci!


  4. Barb

    And when you’re done visiting Sheila in Wyoming, just get yourself on the first plane East and come to Connecticut!
    That looks like a perfect coat for our New England winter!

    And by the way…red is definitely your color! I seem to remember a lovely red coat in Rome!


  5. Sheila Bosch

    Now you’re dressing like you belong in Wyoming!!! Stay warm, I see silky long johns as perhaps a next purchase!!


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