Refractions, shadows and reflections

Morning in the house of cats. The sun is shining brightly through a prism  suspended in the kitchen window.

Here is the result, refracting  onto the candles, and casting a shadow onto the nearby drawers.

Later the same day, at the house of the cats. The sun has disappeared, the skies have opened. But a reflection of beauty has been left to admire.



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7 responses to “Refractions, shadows and reflections

  1. Serendipity .. I was there at the right moment, and the camera was right there on the counter.


  2. This is an amazing photograph, Yvonne! The colors in the shadow are so bright. You have such a good eye. Thanks for posting it.


  3. Thanks, Jeannette. I sort of wish I had a better camera, but my little Panasonic seems to do OK, and it’s easy to tote around!


  4. oh wow Yvonne, what photos’s, what an eye you have to capture it !


  5. Hee! Things are lovely here {odd weather aside} but a visit to gorgeous Melbourne next footy season could be in order.


  6. You mean the mobile stomachs? If they can’t eat it, it doesn’t exist. But, I love them!

    How’s life up north!? I love it here in South Melbourne. I’ll be changing the locks, my hosts go live in Atherton, with Cedric, the Sissy Car.

    Ciao, bella.


  7. Very pretty! I hope the kitties were suitable impressed, bella.


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