Local artists

Come into my house so I can show you some of the paintings done by two of my favourite artists.

The first 2 are by A.D. (Tony) North, whom I met in Mackay. He has now moved to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland where, hopefully, he’ll find a larger market. The first painting was done about 2 years before the other. I like the maturation developing in his approach.

He used to start with a black canvas, and work from there; I don’t know whether he still uses this approach.

The next artist is Graham Draper, who lives in my town. His “day job”, is, in fact, a night job, as shelf stocker at a local supermarket. I really covet his house, it vibrates with life and colour.
The first painting is an old Queenslander house, still to be seen here in town. The other two are of his parents!


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3 responses to “Local artists

  1. Hi Yvonne!
    Thanks for asking. I just got to my house today. (Thursday) My daughter picked me up at the airport on Tuesday night and we spent Wednesday together. I did a lot of sleeping during the day and then off and on hours of sleep and strange dietary urges at night. I’m here, but not really. It’s unseasonably warm, so that is adding to the strangeness of it all.


  2. Hi!

    They sure are. I have lots of (bright) paintings on my walls, saves having to repaint them!

    How are you?


  3. And all of these wonderful, colorful paintings are inside your house?? How lovely!


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