The constant companion

Some years ago, my nieces gave me a lovely, but very flat koala. Oh, not a real one; he is made from soft sheepskin.

I christened him Licorice, in recognition of my favorite confectionery. He has covered many kilometers with me, never complaining about being squashed into my suitcase.

He particularly enjoyed being held by a pretty Italian girl in Pompeii; I had a hard time getting him to come back to me. (Fickle.)

Overindulgence in a newly discovered delight in Sorrento lead to him staying in a dark room the next day, and missing the trip to Positano. He said “I’ll never touch that limoncello again, I swear.”

In Padua, I had a hard time convincing him that the bidet really wasn’t a koala size bath tub; he can be so stubborn sometimes.

Where to next, good and faithful companion?



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3 responses to “The constant companion

  1. Love the sunglasses!!!!


  2. Yes, he leads a pretty good life, for a flat koala!


  3. Darlene Jones

    “Ahhhhh,” said one of the neices. “I’m glad he’s so well loved and jealous that he’s so well traveled!”


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