To all the knit-wits in my life!

I love knitting, which isn’t the best of crafts in which to indulge, when it’s hot and humid!

But, show me some different coloured knitting wool, and my knitting fingers start to twitch.Knit, purl, drop a stitch.  Oops!

Right now, I’m hooked on knitting socks, which involves using 4 double pointed needles, and learning how to turn the heel, and do a Kitchener graft at the toe. With the latter, the instructions I follow tell me to: turn off the phone, do not  answer the door, and PAY ATTENTION!!  I found out the hard way why these rules are not made to be broken.

Here’s the start of a pair of socks for my son.



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4 responses to “To all the knit-wits in my life!

  1. kay

    wow, I have been the recipient of some of those socks that you have knitted!!! and they are very comfy.


  2. It sure is, Marsha. Every time I’m tempted to stop, I think of those nice people, patiently going along with me.

    So, did the in-Vince-able one drive all the way home that day? I’ll have to wait for your next post! 🙂


  3. I just learned that we are fellow knitters. Isn’t it an amazing journey to see how many friends you’ve gained since your first post? 🙂


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