Kick start

What can beat the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning?



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10 responses to “Kick start

  1. Not the one I was thinking of but I now have it bookmarked to check out.
    ODM! Six weeks from this moment I’ll be there!


  2. Is that the Gruppion place? I probably didn’t spell it right. I have to try there too. I’m taking “Cafe Life” with me. Planning to check out each place in the book.


  3. Last time I pretty much just got the Punto house brand but I hope to find this place open on this trip and try theirs. I walked by at a variety of times….maybe they take a holiday in December:


  4. Wow, Yvonne, I don’t remember ever seeing this post but since it was three years ago (!) I’m not surprised. My usual comment is that if I didn’t have the same thing for breakfast every morning I wouldn’t remember by lunch what I’d had.
    I agree that it was probably the dreadful instant coffee that Russell had back in ’73. I never liked coffee till I was well into my 40’s and learned about good cappuccino! And always had to insist on making the coffee myself when I visited my parents (which they always diluted with water).
    Ah, the little moka reminds me of where I will be so soon. I have one here but it’s not the same as on the gas burner in Venice (electric stoves are lacking).


    • That was one of the very early posts, I had forgotten all about it, until it came up as a post someone had looked at yesterday. There are a lot of memories tucked away on my blog. What brand of coffee do you buy in Venice?


  5. I love the aroma of coffee and coffee beans but the taste leaves a lot to be desired. I drank a sip of coffee once, way back in September 1973, at the behest of a college roommate. That was all it took.


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